by Heather

As I awoke, I turned, and, looking down at me, was Mom. "What are you doing there young man, or should I say little girl. What's the meaning of this? "

"I was just making believe Mom!"

"Well, making believe or not, you're going to be grounded for this!

"Dad said, " No, Joseph!! I don't think that a grounding is enough. He needs something that will embarrass him to the point where he'll never want to wear dresses again, and I think I have just the solution!"

Well, Mom went into the next room, and before I knew it, she was back with a smile on her face. "Well, that should fix you up just fine, my little panty wearing darling! Next Saturday is your cousin's wedding, and she and I have arranged that you, young lady, become the flower girl for that wedding! Of course, that Monday, we're going to have to get you all fixed up with some nice, fluffy panties and, of course, a couple of darling petticoats--short ones of course, because we'll want your sweet fluffy panties showing underneath! And, of course, a little highwaisted ruffly pink flower girl's dress with lots of frills and lace and bows on it! I know that you'll look just darling in that to all your aunts, uncles, and cousins, not to mention all their neighbors who will be there! But don't worry your little head off about it because when we get done with your hair, nails, and make-up, no one will ever recognize you.

"Please, Mommie, don't make me go through all of this! I'll die!!"

"Well you should have though of that before you put on my dress, Sweet Heather! Yes, that's going to be your name for the next week--like it or not!"


On Wednesday morning, Mom came and woke me early in the morning.

"Come Sweet Heather! We have a big day planned for you! I'll meet you in the bathroom!"

I got up and stumbled my way into the bathroom where I found Mom waiting for me. "Take off you PJ's Sweet Heather. I have lots of work to do on you!" I took off my PJ's and, with that, Mom started to rub a vile smelling lotion all over my body. "Now you just stand there and don't move until I tell you to!" With that, Mom started filling the tub with hot water, bath oils and bubble bath. "We're going to get our Sweet Heather all sweet-smelling and smooth-feeling for her first shopping trip. Then, when you come out of your bubble bath, Mommie's going to dry you off and dust you with some nice fragrant body powder!"

"There! You should be nice and smooth by now. You can get out of the tub if you wish. OH YES! All hair-free and sweet-smelling! Now, let's go into my room and we'll see if we can get some proper clothes on my little girl."

We walked back to her bedroom with Mommie leading me by the hand all the way. "Now Sweet Heather, it's time to turn you into a nice little sissy boy. Then we'll take you shopping and buy you your outfit for Saturday's wedding and, if you behave real good, I may even take you to the beauty shop with me!"

Mommie held out a pair of pink ruffled sissy panties for me to step into and, when I had done that, she brought out some black velvet shorts for me to put on and when they were on, I realized that the shorts left about two inches of pink ruffles panties sticking out the bottom. Needless to say this was not the biggest thrill of my life!

"Mommie, you can't make me wear these outside!"

"Why not? I think they'll look just darling on you, especially with this pink ruffled blouse that you will wear with it!" She put it on, buttoned it up the back and tucked it in . "There! Once I put the bow around your neck and put these little shoes and socks on, my Sweet Heather is going to look just darling!"

Well, she finished. I had black patent leather Mary Jane's, pink socks with white ruffles on the top, and a floppy black bow tied around my neck. The next thing I heard was Mommie calling. "Come Sweet Heather! It's time to shop till we drop!'

I stood there, looking in the mirror at the sissy boy she had created. Then she was at my side.

" Come now, Sweet Heather, it's time to get you out of those sissy boy clothes and into a cute frilly little girl's outfit that a darling like you should be wearing!" With that she took my hand and proceeded to lead me out to our car. "Get in Little Girl! Time's awasting!''

I climbed in and Mommie went around to her side and got in. "Just as I thought, I almost forgot the most important part of your costume," she said, reaching into her purse. "Lean your head against the backseat, close your eyes, and we'll be off in a minute." I did as I was told and found her brushing something on each cheek....and then I felt something being applied to my lips!

"Now take the visor down and look in the mirror and see how beautiful you've become," laughed Mommie" I pulled the visor down and, staring back at me, were two pink cheeks and pink lips.

"Mommie, how could have you done this to me? I look just like a sissy! Everyone will laugh at me!" I cried.

Well, it serves you right! The nerve of you sneaking into my bedroom and putting on my clothes..... and that's not all you'll be getting before this day is over, Sweet Heather." We drove off and, as we rode along, I didn't quite know where we were going, so I asked Mommie. "We're going to a brand new store that I just read about--one that handles nothing but frilly dresses, ruffled petticoats, and lacy panties. In other words, all the things we'll be needing for Saturday."

It seemed like we had been riding for hours before Mommie turned into a side street and parked in front of a building. I looked up. and the sign on the building read "Susan's Sissy Shop--Pretty Clothes for Pretty Boys." I feared the worst. Then Mommie got out of the car and came over to my side and opened my door. "Come Sweet Heather. It's time to buy you some new clothes!"

"But Mommie, you don't expect me to dress any sillier than this, do you," I asked.

"Dress or be dressed, young one. The choice is up to you. Now get into the shop, and don't forget to curtsy to Ms. Susan when you meet he."

"My, what a pretty little sissy boy is coming into my shop with his Mommie! How may I help you, little one? You look so darling in your pink ruffled blouse, black velvet hot pants, and my! What darling pink ruffled panties you're wearing! You must be quite the little sissy boy!" laughed Susan.

"But it's 'sissy girl', not 'sissy boy'. Her name is Sweet Heather, and I caught her dressed in some of my clothes last Saturday night. So, as a punishment, I'm dressing her as a girl until his cousin's wedding this next Saturday."

"So you'll want some daytime dresses, along with the proper undies, socks and all then. What do you want her wearing on Saturday?"

"Why a proper little flowergirl's dress, with two huge petticoats, ruffled panties, your fancy kind, of course, some lace knee-hi's, another pair of Mary-Janes, and a blonde wig set in banana curls with pink ribbon bows decorating it-and of course all the clothes should be in pink and white with all kinds of ribbons, ruffles, and bows!" laughed Mommie.

I didn't bother to argue or complain as Ms.Susan led me off to the dressing room, for I knew in my heart of hearts it would do no good. "Now you wait here, little girl, and soon Ms. Susan will turn you into the little Sweet Heather that Mommie wants you to be!" Ms. Susan was back in no time at all, and soon had me stepping into a pair of pink and white lace-covered panties, a pink flared skirt, a white blouse with pink lace on the collar and cuffs and was putting a blonde pageboy wig on my head. "Sweet Heather, you look just good enough to eat, and I just might do that!" laughed Ms. Susan. "Now let's go see Mommie!"

When we reached the front of the store, Mommie didn't stop laughing for five minutes. "Oh! This is just to good to be true! I've just got to take you to my beauty shop appointment with me."

Mommie left Ms. Susan's with me carrying my purse in one hand, looking like the sweet little girl she was turning me into, with my skirt blowing in the breeze and showing my ruffled panties underneath, much to the delight of the ladies watching from Ms. Susan's. She led me to the passenger's side of the car and buckled me in with my arms at my side so I couldn't get away.

"Now, my little girl, I'm going to take you for a little ride, and when we get there, you'll be at a place that all little girls love to go. But you'll have to be a good little girl when we get there or Mommie will spank your little tushie."

We drove off, heading for the other side of town, and, after driving for about twenty minutes, arrived at our final destination: "The Pink Powder Puff Beauty Shop", the sign said.

" Mommie, you're not taking me in there are you?" I asked.

"Well, I suppose you could stay in the car, letting everyone see you, and laughing. Then I could bring all my girlfriends out to see the pretty little sissy I have sitting out here. Or, you could come in with me and be introduced as my niece Sweet Heather. It's all up to you, and remember, that act has just gotten you that much closer to a spanking.

"Mommie, please don't spank Sweet Heather. I'll come with you!" She reached into the car and undid my seatbelt, once again freeing my hands, and proceeded to help me out of the car, walking with me into the beauty shop.

"Girls, are you ready for my appointment, and my misbehaving son's, too?" And, with that, my long brown hair came into view, along with the deep crimson blush on my cheeks.

"My goodness! It's a little boy, but dressed in such darling clothes! It would be a pity not to fix him up so his appearance matches his dress!" laughed one of the girls.

"Now what do you want us to do with him?"

"Well, as you all can see, he's not the little blonde that I brought in here with me, so I think you'll need to bleach his hair, and I suppose that a perm would also be in order, a manicure, pedicure, pink nail polish, of course, and, when you set his hair, leave it in rollers. That way he gets the same joy we all do sleeping on rollers all night. Sharon, if you can open early in the morning, I'll have him over here so you can comb him out and put his make-up on before the wedding.

"Now, little boy, go with your beautician so she can get you all prettied up!"

"But, Mommie, do I have to?" I asked

"You didn't ask that the other night when you were getting all sissied up while your father and I were away, now did you? This is your punishment for that. Now take it like the little sissy girl you are!"

And so, with that being said, I followed the beauty operator off to my date with destiny."


The beauty operator, whose name I learned was Allison, escorted me to the back of the shop and had me take a seat by the shampoo bowl.

"My, what a pretty little sissy girl we have here! But I'm going to make you prettier still! Now let's get your hair washed and see what we have to work with?" As Allison shampooed my hair, I knew that the jig was up. Mommie finally caught me in her clothes, and now was time to suffer Well, I had always wanted to be a girl, or so I told myself, but who was I kidding? This was not the way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Why I wasn't even in the park!

"O.K., Sweet Heather. It's time for our little girl to get curly." So she set my hair in perm rods, put in the solution, and Sweet Heather became a little curly head. Allison neutralized me then set my hair in rollers and put me under the dryer for my hair to curl.

"Your Mommie wanted me to bleach your hair blonde and that's just what I'm going to do after you're done drying, and just think, little girl, tonight, Sweet Heather is going to spend her first night sleeping in a baby doll with her hair up in rollers. Won't we be having sweet dreams!"

"Mary, Sweet Heather is waiting for you! Mary! Sweet Heather's Mommie wants you to do her nails in a sweet shade of pink. And be sure that she gets both a manicure AND a pedicure."

"Heather, you stay with Mary now, and don't you move an inch! Your Mommie has given me permission to spank you if you misbehave!"

"Yes, Miss Allison. I'll be right here when you get back."

One thing one learns in a beauty shop is that time passes slowly, but soon Miss Allison was back at
my side again. "My! What pretty nails my little darling has! Such a pretty pink! And if she's been a good little girl I might just have a surprise for her."

"Has she been a good girl Mary?"

"Oh! She's been just a little angel, Allison."

"Well, guess what little girl! Your hair doesn't get bleached today. I told her that would be too much for one day. But don't worry darling, she promised to bring you back next Saturday for your bleach, and a facial after. You'll need it after wearing make-up all week long. And don't think that once you have a perm that doesn't let you stop taking care of your hair. Besides I want you to be able to tell me what going to bed in rollers for a full week is like, and I won't be here tomorrow when you come in for your combout and makeup, so have fun! when you come back."

Soon Miss Allison was back at my side again. "Hi, Sweet Heather! My! You look pretty with your pink finger and toenails!"

"Was she a good girl, Mary?"

"Why, just a little angel!"


It was the next morning when Mommie called me to get out of bed. "Hey, get up, Sweet Heather! It's time for your bath! Time's awasting, and your going to have a very big day. We have to get you a bath, dressed up, and down to the beauty shop before we go to the wedding. For now, you're going to wear the same outfit you wore to the shop yesterday. Now, get your sissy butt in here."

I entered the bathroom to find Mommie standing there with a bottle of some kind of creamy stuff in her hand. "And how come we haven't gotten our babydoll's off yet, young lady? You're being expected to be treated like a young lady and your acting just like a little baby. In fact, you're looking a bit like one!" laughed Mommie. "So hold up your hands 'cause they're coming off."

So I held up my hands and Mommie got rid of my babydolls. She started spreading the lotion all over my body as I asked, "What's this stuff for Mommie? It's burning me all over?"

"Why, Sweet Heather, you should know it's depilatory cream. It's what keeps us girls nice and smooth all over, and, when it gets done working on you your going to be smooth as a baby's butt!" laughed Mommie. With that. she started running the tub, adding bubble bath and a fragrant bath oil.
"This is to make Sweet Heather smell just like the sweet little girl I'm turning her into. In fact, because your hair didn't get bleached yesterday, remember, you still have an appointment with Anne Saturday after, and she's going to be just dying to hear how the wedding came out!" laughed Mommie. "Now, get out of the tub so I can dry you off!"

I got out of the tub and Mommie dried me off with a towel, then powdered my body with a scented dusting powder that tickled as she applied it to my skin. "Hurry, little girl, and get your clothes on. We should have been at the beauty shop five minutes ago!" yelled Mommie.

I hurried as fast as I could, but it wasn't fast enough for Mommie. I think it was all the big rollers in
my hair. It was hard getting them over the dress. Five minutes later, we were at the beauty shop and, as we pulled up, all the girls came out to greet us.

"Sweet Heather's cousin just got here with the dress and all the other things you asked her to bring, so just go back to the dressing room, and we'll get her all dolled up," said Allison.

We went in and I followed Mommie back to the dressing room, where Cathy was waiting for us. Get undressed, little girl. We have all kinds of new clothes for you to wear!" said Cathy.

I got undressed and hopped up on the table, lying on my back. Mommie was across the room from me with her back turned. When she turned around, my jaw dropped. For, in her hands were a bottle of baby oil, and a can of baby powder. "You've acted like a baby all morning, so I though that we'd just treat you like one." Mommie oiled, then powdered me, and Cathy came around with the thickest pair of diapers I had ever seen. When they put them on me, I could hardly close my legs. Then Mommie was there with a pair of pink and white ruffled rumba panties which, she drew up my legs. After that, Cathy was there carrying three petticoats; two were white and very full and fluffy. The other was of pink net and also very full. She put them on me and, when I turned around, I looked like a powder puff on legs.

But Mommie wasn't done with me yet for now. She was back with a cotton candy pink satin party dress that, when she had put it on me, the result was simply too pretty for words. It was pink satin with white ruffles round the collar and round the puff sleeves. It had a white ruffled bib with three pink bows decorating it and pink bows on each of the sleeves. Then Mommie made me lean back against the table. "When your wearing knee-hi's with pink ruffles around the the tops and a pair of pink patent Mary-Jane's on my feet. She then had me turn around and tied the sash around my waist into a big bow.

"O.K., Sweet Heather! It's time to go up front for your comb-out and make-up now--and try to be careful! I know it's going to be hard to walk in your new outfit!" laughed Mommie. I know, because I made it that way.

Well, Mommie had to stand behind and push in order to get me to the front, and when the girls saw me, it took them at least fifteen minutes to stop laughing.

"Now come here little girl, and we'll get you combed-out!' laughed Allison When she finished, my
hair was all done up in barrel curls, with pink and white ribbon bows in it. My cheeks were tinged with pink blusher, and my lips pink with lipstick. We were ready to be off to the wedding.

"Sorry girls, but this day at the beauty shop has got Sweet Heather all tired out, and she's got to take a little nappy-poo. Night, Night!"


As I stood there in the lobby of the beauty shop, I wondered why did I do something so stupid! There I was, wearing a frilly lace encrusted dress, my petticoats fluffing it out to the max, with my hair done in barrel curls with each one with a little pink or white bow attached to it. My face was made-up, and my fingers and toes sported nail polish.

"Come, you sweet little sissy! It's time for you to become a star!" laughed Mommie. "Our limo is here."

I looked up and sure enough, pulling into the parking lot was a shining pink limo. "But Mommie, I can't go in that! Everyone will think I'm a Sissy!" I pleaded.

"Now look at you . There you go, standing there in a pink dress with your petticoats fluffing out and you have the nerve to tell me that someone will call you a sissy -- I should spank your fanny right now! Don't you think that is the point of our little adventure today? Now get into the limo."

We got into the car and drove off to the wedding. As we traveled, Mommie turned to me and said, "Just remember you little sissy, that the main reason that I'm taking your cousin's wedding is to humiliate you as much as possible, and that I want to convince you to never wear a dress again! When we get there, you're to be on your best little girl behavior, and if your cousins give you a hard time you don't fight back, but turn around, drop a sweet little curtsy, and thank then for caring!" giggled Mommie. "Any behavior other than that will involve a longer time in dresses!"

When we pulled up to the steps of the church, the wedding was being held at, my cousin and her
maids-of-honor were awaiting up with smiles on their faces. Mommie got out to greet them and came to my side of the car to let me out. "Come little sissy it's time for your big day!" she giggled.

I got out and was immediately surrounded by girls. "My gosh! Any girl in the country would be proud to have you as her flowergirl! That dress is just too beautiful for words!"

"And it must be held out by at least three petticoats!" laughed one of the maids-of-honor. I wonder what he's wearing under it."

"Let's see!" giggled still another girl, grabbing my dress from the rear and holding it up. "Come girls, you're not going to believe this!" my cousin shouted. "He's wearing pink and white rumba panties and I think he has something inside them! Oh! Isn't this just the cutest! She's got the little doll wrapped in diapers!" giggled my cousin.

"Why did you do this Auntie?"

"Well I know that little girls and little sissies sometimes get all excited, and I didn't want him to ruin his dress. After all, we know how little girls just want to keep their pretty dresses!" laughed Mommie.

"O.K. little girl. It's time for my wedding, and I have some instructions just for you, so let's get in the church."

When we got in the church, my cousin was already waiting and, as I came up to her, she handed me a white wicker flower basket, filled to the top with pink rose petals. "Now, these are your instructions! You'll be at the front of the line, and, as you take a step, I want you to bend at the waist and sprinkle some flower petals, and I want you to do that at every step you take!"

"But, cousin, won't my panties show every time I step?" I asked.

"Oh! Most certainly, but your mommie wants you as humiliated as possible, and it's my wedding, so you'll do exactly as I say, or your mommie is going to be giving you more time in dresses to think about it!"

Til then, that was the longest walk of my life, with giggles at every step of the way. But they were not through with me yet. Later in the day, at the reception, I was playing with some younger cousins of mine, or should I say they were playing with me, lifting my skirts and teasing me about the diapers I was wearing. So I took a swing and hit one of them. Well, the adults broke it up, and, the next thing I knew, I was standing before Mommie.

"I just can't get over it! Your Mommie gets you all fixed up just like a sissy like you like to be, then you just have to go and ruin it. Well, young man, since you keep acting like this, I'm just going to have to add to your time in dresses one year. That, and a good old fashion spanking when we get home. But that won't humiliate you enough, so I've got another idea!" laughed Mommie.

"Girls, you remember the chocolate mousse that we had for dessert? Well go round it up, then give it to your mom and tell her I need it thickened with some flour, and when she's finished, bring it here. And you might bring her along. She might enjoy watching me punish this little sissy!"

"Now, little sissy, off with those rumba panties! I have a special pair for you to wear!"

I took them off, and Mommie reached into her purse and brought a pair of clear vinyl panties with a chain around the waist. I put them on.

"Now girls, I want two of you to go behind him and hold his dress and petticoats up."

Two girls moved behind me and did that. Then Mommie asked two girls to pull my diapers out so you could see skin.

"Now, you're the little girl he hit. I've got a special job for you. I want you to take a third of the mixture and put it down the back of her diaper, a third of the mixture, and put it down and then hold it a minute."

They did that, and it felt yucky. Then Mommie was there with a little lock.

"Guess what? When I thread this lock, you won't be able to take off those diapers, or that panty til I get ready to take them off you, and you haven't lived until you sit down in them -- and with those clear panties on, everyone is going to see what you've done."

"Now girls, you can let his skirts down. I want you to get in on the fun too. First, I want one of you to take a little in her hand and smear it around sissy's face. Make it look like he just got done feeding himself."

"Now, let's see, what can we do with the rest of this?"

"I've got an idea Sis!" She came up and whispered it in Mommie's ear and they both started laughing.

"Excellent idea, Sis!" And with that she handed the bowl to me.

" Now little sissy, unless you want to get spanked twice as hard as your going to now, you'll take that bowl, raise it over your head, and pour it on your head."

I had no choice, and as I lifted the bowl up, the girls came behind me with a chair and sat me down.


Well, I went home that night with my diapers still on, and received the spanking of my life. If it helped my disposition any we'll never know, but it didn't stop me from being the little girl I wanted to be or end my ability to get in trouble.


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