Art Gallery - Giselle Dubois' Collection

Giselle Dubois' Collection

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"Souvenir of Schumann's Carnaval"

by Walter Ernest Webster


"My Doll"

by Konstantin Razomov


"In Biarritz

by Cordero and Jose Villegas




"David Copperfield"

by Jessie Willcox Smith


"The Bouquet"

by Walter Ernest Webster



"Exciting Reading"

by Raoul Martin


"Girl with Dog"

by George Lambert


"A Playful Diversion"

by Yuri Krotov

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"Grand Princess Maria Princess Nikolayevna"

by Makovsky Konstantin



"Young Lady in Pink"

by Garetta y Madrazo




by Irish artist John Lavery


"Mother's Day"

by William Feron


"True Friends"

by Margaret Collyer


"Girl Brushing Her Hair"

by Dorothy Johnstone


"The Hammock"

by Ed Killingworth Johnson



"Portrait of the
Duc de Chartres' Children"

by Gabriel Joseph Marie Augustin Ferrier


(Title not provided)

by Konstantin Razumov




"The Piano Lesson

by Francis Day





Untitled painting by
Alfred Bestall



"Lady at a Window Feeding Birds"

by Alfred Stevens



"Miss Barbara de Selincourt"

by Draper



"The New Party Frock"

by Edwin Robert



"Portrait of Gracia Lees"

by Millais



Vaughan Sisters"

by William Brymner




"The Ugly Duckling"

by Cowper



"The Little Model"

by Lewis Baumer



"After the Dance"

by Tetsuya Mishima



"Fast Asleep"

by Fritz Paulsen




by Julius LeBlanc Stewart



"Two Sisters"

by Robert E. Morrison




"The Opera Dressing Room"

by Konstantin Razumov




Untitled or unidentified painting by

Konstantin Razumov




"A Coquette"

by Walter Ernest Webster



"Woman Tending to

Flowers in a Vase"

by Walter Earnest Webster




 "Empress Elizabeth"

(1839-1898)  Known as 'Sisi'

by Franz Xaver Winterhalter






 "Japanese Prints"

by Leonard Campbell Taylor






"In Disgrace"

by William Henry Gore



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