Pond Girls CD Sets -Allison Intro


All of Allison's CDs contain a message written by her in her inimitable way,
especially to you, the petti-enthusiast!

Some words from our classy Pond Girl:

"You can't imagine how excited I was when Tessy asked me to model some of his private collection of vintage petticoats! Just being able to see some of these beautiful petticoats again was a thrill. I was reminded of the vast variety in color and styles that were available in all the department stores back then. I was just a young school girl in the fifties, but I still have strong memories of going shopping with my mom. I loved shopping. I would see racks and racks of petticoats, and I wanted them all! Just the feel of all that crinoline under our skirts was magical. All that crinoline and lace with satin ribbons and bows made a girl feel like a beautifully gift-wrapped package.  Gift wrapping that drove the boys wild! We were packages they would love to open, but could not; we were ladies. Our petticoats were extreme femininity, and it drove the boys imagination. Only in their mind could they see underneath all that beautiful gift wrapping. Only with their imagination could they see the curvy contours of our creamy smooth thighs and the soft delicate fabric of our little lacy panties. It almost seemed cruel.

Pretty skirts filled out with petticoats was a tease; a naughty luscious little tease, and we loved every minute of it! We were raised to be ladies, and good girls kept control of their skirts, but even good girls were caught off guard now and then, much to the excitement and delight of the boys. I guess I was caught off guard more often. It would make my heart pound with excitement knowing that a boy was getting a look up my skirt. I guess I was a naughty girl back then and I must confess that I still am. I know that my mother raised me to be a lady and a lady doesn't lift her skirt, but how can I show you these beautiful petticoats if I don't?  "Sorry, Mom but a girl should share."

Now it's a pleasure for me to model some of my favorite outfits for you. On my first CD you will see some of my pretty retro skirts and dresses with lacy crinolines and soft chiffon petticoats. Yes, I'm still a naughty girl, so you will catch me off guard as I model authentic vintage stockings with lacy garter belts and OOPS, even my pretty panties.

My second CD is the first in a possible series featuring Tessy's beautiful collection of authentic vintage petticoats  (depending on response to this one!). In future releases, I would then take a step back into the past, and return to the fifties with vintage skirts and dresses that accentuate the beauty of Tessy's wonderful collection.  The next release series is really fun! It's a two CD set featuring me reliving my school girl days with authentic retro "school girl" clothes from the fifties. 
I think this will be a fun set to do and I'm sure you will enjoy it. Then comes a CD you won't want to miss. It features the most beautiful petticoats of all. The party dress petticoats are from Tessy's collection.

I hope you will enjoy my pictures and I welcome your comments.  You can write to me at: allisonspace@hotmail.com
                                                                                                                                Lots of love to all,   Allison

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