Intro Sketch - UniKaren


Our Debutante Pond Girl talks to you!


"I started square dancing when I was 14 years old, and square dance shops were few and far between, let alone stocked with clothes for teens.  With a little help from some of my mother's friends, I started designing my own.

To this day I square dance, and round dance too, and still love it.  I've created hundreds of dresses over the years, and when the square dance trend started to get away from the petticoats, I sold most of mine, as well as my dresses.  But my love for these pretty dresses and the look they give with a pretty petticoat never faded ... so I continued to design dresses and sold them on eBay.

A natural evolution occurred after a couple of years ... crossdressers 
made themselves known to me, "little girls", "adult babies", and "adult sissies" ... I spent a great deal of 
time researching what this market 
of people wanted, and I now sew pretty much exclusively for them.  They have an appreciation for pretty dresses that I love to design, so 
it's a perfect business relationship.

Occasionally I would model my outfits on eBay to get just the right "look" for an outfit ... and my inbox was flooded with requests for me to model ALL the outfits that I design ... and in believing it would help sell the outfits, I agreed to do so ... never thinking for a moment that it was the PICTURES that many viewers were enjoying, more than the outfits themselves!

 When approached by Pettipond to do pictures that could be sold as sets, I submitted a few for perusal ... and we had a deal. 

Watch for my outfits to be sold on eBay under the seller name "unikaren".  You may write to me at

Thank you, everyone!