Alma Cogan

 British singer Alma Cogan, well known for her "fabulous frocks." They are that, indeed!
Incidentally, the man on the right is comedian Benny Hill. Time flies!

"She loved feathers and frill using over 250 yards of material in her petticoat to give
the gown the style she wanted. " a photo page!

Also refer to Alma Cogan: A Memoir by Her Sister Sandra Caron,
Bloomsbury Publishing, Ltd, 1991 [London]

(above right) Enlargeable


(below) An absolutely INCREDIBLE gown worn by Alma Cogan as she sings Dixie Melody.
This little video 'point-to' by Michael is very special!


Here is an English website with more about Alma Cogan, her music, her career, and her dresses:

...and this site has much more, including sound bites from some of her recordings and videos, including one video where she is wearing the same dress as in Dixie Melody (Should I?):  (click on 'Videos')

Alma singing I Don't Care (above site) features her in a dress which has a bell shape and moves like one on Dinah Shore. Also, in that clip, the song words include,  "They say my clothes stand out a mile, but I don't  care." Tessy likes her attitude! <g>

Make sure you check out ALL the videos, as she wears some really incredible dresses!  There is also reference to a two-hour Alma Cogan DVD, 'available now.'  It does not make it clear when this promo was made.

Medley/bio (including first gown on the top of this page)

Hello Young Lovers

Start of the Blues

Dixie melody

Got'n Idea

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