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Czech Republic




Miss Czech Republic in the
2013 Miss Universe pageant her national costume

      From John N.      

From David H.

These are primo!


   ED: Looking closely at the above, one can't help but notice that the layers of the petticoats uniquely seem to stay apart. 
Thus, they might be attached to the hoop in such a that them so, no?  Any thoughts on this?

Milan interestingly writes:

"The folk frocks above are from the Czech Republic, the South-Moravian region, namely Velké Bílovice. The pictures were taken during 'hody',
an  annual folk festival typical for all communities in the South Moravia. The photographer is probably Ludmila Zemánková.
"As for the petticoats, no hoops were ever used in the folk frocks. All the petticoats (typically 5-7 of them) are heavily, really heavily starched, so the (usually)
linen feels  like canvass and behaves like 'laminated' sheet. The preparation of such frock to a festival takes a couple of days. In every village, there is usually one
or more ladies who take care of all such frocks and run something like a rental service. Of course, many more captivated girls and boys own their own costume. The
fabric design and colours are typical for every village, therefore an expert (not me) can tell exactly, from which part of the region the girl is (something like the
Scottish tartans)."

Highly Illustrative video (Must see!)

"Oh, one more thing. There is a tradition in the South Moravian region called 'jízda králů' (The Ride of the Kings), where a young boy (c8-10 yers old) is put into
the girl's  folk frock and is the main part of the feast. This event is said to be in the memory of the flight of a Hungarian king before his pursuers disguised as a
woman, but definitely the tradition is older, even from the pagan times. It used to be common throughout the Central Europe (Germany even) but nowadays it
remains only in  South Moravia. This ceremony has been even listed in the UNSECO World's Heritage in 2011. See
here and others (Put 'jízda králů'" into the
 YouTube search box).  You  may also read about this custom here."

ED:  Looks like he enjoys it!  Here they would call that 'child abuse', sadly.

From Chiffon
Geoff in Australia: "This is a
Czech Kroje (skirt) with very starched petticoats. The girl is wearing only three petticoats, generally they wear up to five of these heavily starched cotton petticoats.  Certainly some of the girls obviously know the power of petticoats, as they ‘flaunt’ them frequently."


2014 Oklahoma Czech festival


From Nancy N.


The Hody Folk Festival of Velke Bilovice

From Crinolyn


These are probably Czech folk costumes.  Interesting to note that
each display a 'straight' under-petti for modesty.  Reminds us of
Lawrence Welk's policy of requiring such of dancers
on his show.

From Crinolyn






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