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Swedish ballroom dancers
Peter and Solveig Friis  








Between sets at an Era dance competition




Swedish ballroom dancer
Ann-Mari Ahlm






At a 1964 Swedish ballroom
dancing competition







Swedish ballroom (sport) dancers

The filename is 'Oscar och Pettersson 1960'






Swedish ballroom (sport)
dancing image,
circa 1964









Famed Swedish ballroom (sport) dancers
Rohdin and Ebbedahl 


Modern 50s dance clips:

Dave Barber sends four pictures of Spanish dancers (1971 postcards)

(right) Bodice of bright abstract design in cotton, into brilliant yellow paper nylon tiered skirt. Petticoats under of red paper nylon

Comments always welcome

(below) Bodice of black silk jersey into a really stunning skirt of brilliant orange paper nylon with black paper nylon petticoats





(above left) Bodice of white cotton with red and blue spots in to a ruffled skirt of white cotton with red spots and blue spots. Petticoats under of brilliant red paper nylon.

Left gown -  pink poplin print, with petticoat ruffles of yellow and dark red paper nylon, sleeve linings the same. 
Right gown - dress bodice of green poplin into skirt of all paper nylon ruffles, with black spots;  petticoats under of green paper nylon.






(upper left) A wonderfully extravagant
/flamenco dance gown

...all three from David M.







Vidclip - Excellent Classic Ballroom from The Era (1959)

Vidclip from the World Championship Ballroom (1979)

VERY poufy, sensual 1979 Tango ballroom dancing

Mexican dance poufiness

Swing dancing video


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