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(above center)  The Champions in 1961 (right) 1980 championships  -  enlargeable

(above) enlargeable


From the American Ballroom Challenge,
year unknown


Proffered by Abbey Rhodes







Anna & Senna dancers from the Netherlands

...performing their smash hit "My Family" (Enlargeable)

Video #1   #2

From Jörg

"This video shows Anna & Senna in Minsk, Belarus, at the Junior Eurovision Song Festival 2010.
It can be viewed in 1080p HD quality

"This page contains a link to an image gallery. The first five images
show Anna & Senna with their dancers

The videos, including the 1080p HD video, can be downloaded by the Applian Media Catcher."


(below) A couple of poufy school dancer pictures, possibly of the same group - enlargeable

(above)  Enlargeable


Era frolicking in
formal dress in the park

From Jean L


More nostalgia





Panfilov's Ballet, from Crinolyn (Enlargeable)


(below) Abbey Rhodes takes us back:

"These are from the 1990 World Professional Dance Championships in London. These are all ballroom dresses from when ballroom dresses were bouffant to the max. Sad to say, those days are gone. I actually danced with a girl wearing a full dress like these just at the time they were being phased out for longer gowns. It felt weird with the layers and layers pressed against me and me wondering how we could swap clothes without anyone noticing." (Enlargeable)


(below) Abbey Rhodes takes us back again:

"These are from a magazine called Weekend from July 1982; from memory, this was a British magazine. The occasion was a competition in Dusseldorf.  I like the caption for the photo of the line of dresses - '...the beer is steered carefully past pricey dresses.' The pink and white dress picture says, 'Before a dancer can sit down her dress is placed over the chair.'"     (Enlargeable)



A picture from a Diners Club ad, about 1992


From Abby Rhodes






"I believe this site may have been mentioned on The Pond before but I think it is well worth further publicity:

"Clicking on 'photos' at the bottom will reveal many hundreds of appropriate petti-oriented pictures. Just goes to show that rock 'n' roll is still very much alive and well on this side of the 'pond'!"



Abby Rhodes

"Below are some [enlargeable] pictures from Frank and Peggy Spencer's book, Come Dancing."



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