Petticoat Pond's Petti Pictures


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(below) A gal channeling her youth - Note the modesty slip...from 'Captain Marno':


Great fifties dance sequence, from 'Captain Marno':

One can't help but wonder what some guys are looking at, if they can't appreciate the view in front of them!

"From 1947 and the Cleveland Press Reference Dept.,  a photo of a couple demonstrating
a dance move. Unfortunately there’s no information on who they are. Thanks to photographer Bette J. Watts for a lovely view Pond lovers can always enjoy.


Crinolyn offers this compilation of video clips found on YouTube.

Couture for Dance




A lush dance dress,
which makes a statement

From Mike F.


[2006]  Ballroom dancing champions Eugenia Parakina and Peter Bosveld
perform in the Carrousel du Louvre for the Viktor & Rolf collection

From Abby Rhodes     Source



Legendary legs of the Rockettes

(L) 1949    (R) 1967

Courtesy Nancy N.     





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