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"From the German magazine Brigitte,
July 1960."



From British Vogue
(September 2009 Estee Lauder advertisement)

Contributed by Abby Rhodes






(above left two) 2009 (right) From British Vogue, June, 2009


A page from an Era magazine

Courtesy Shelley

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(above) From the German magazine Brigitte, July 1960

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Abby Rhodes:

"A picture from Casa Vogue of April 2004. It looks like the picture dates back a while. Charming, I thought."


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More nostalgic  pettis




Abbey Rhodes:

"Sometime, somewhere, I acquired a supplement to Honey magazine which was published in the UK. This dates to about 1958/59, and the pictures remind us vividly why petticoats exist. Here are two of the best examples - I love them all, including the sheath dresses from the era, many of which also feature in this supplement."

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Karl K.:

"Here is a picture of a Cathy Hardwick dress from 1987. Unfortunately, she went bankrupt that year. The dress is nice though."


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 identified on-line advertisement

Courtesy Robert K.




 Era magazine cover and inside picture,
featuring a Marion Holmes

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(above) Era Dior

(above left) A Moschino dress from Harpers Bazaar for September 2009  (center) From the fashion model magazine, Numero
Juicy Couture advertisement

(above) Era frock ads - both can be enlarged



Shelley sends this nice advertisement from the November, 1954 issue of Charm (Magazine)







This magazine page dwells on the shoes (which are interesting), but our eyes are on the great dress - heavy enough to crush the pettis upon the leg, hence 'crowded'.

Courtesy Misha

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