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Special Youth slip ads from The Era

See-through dress/bodice fad

First Communion dresses


While this site does not specialize in "youth" petticoats and crinolines as such, a few images are worth a special exhibition.
Crinolyn and Sylvia Marie were major contributors to this section! Thanks girls--these are gems!

(above) Many of us can remember waiting for the days when the above types of scenarios presented themselves, eh? 
Always, the little girls were oblivious to to the joyful picture they made, so wrapped up in their fun were they!

The image at right is not a particularly unusual picture, but something about it compelled us to post it: That carefree look  of girlhood, combined with the trappings that are only allowed them...only THEY know that feeling -- what they DON'T know is what they really have (and what WE really don't).      


50s pneumatic slips:






  (above left) from PNC Boutique - (Princess Nataley's Collection)

(above left) Click for zoom-in








Small Brit ad collection       
A small little girl slip sampler
"Queensbury" ad from February, 1961 issue of Infants' & Children's Review



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