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It's always nice to see a candid shot of a petti-enhanced Christmas -- this little girl is very lucky!



We vividly remembers the days when little girls like this would run around in their slips at home for hours, before donning their dresses to leave the house for an occasion <sigh>. The charm was that they were so uninhibited about it!


A funny greeting card sent in by Norm. Of course, the rest of us wouldn't be hiding our eyes, now we? (Or is he peeking?)

And the expression on the little girl's face is precious,
as if to say, "I'm proud if it - what's the big deal?!"

(Published by Icon, UK)


Herewith a pleasant picture of two girls on a hillside, one of whom is adorned in a very lovely, feminine pleated dress.
Pleated skirts always look wonderful because they tend to fall
in a certain delightful manner, especially when worn with a slightly full petticoat (but those are rare, and many times the  petticoat is too full, which tends
to distort the pleats).
Does anyone have such a picture she might send us?  


Here is a quite pleasant picture representative of
the innocence evoked by those 50s little girl dress
with the full-bodiced slip underneath (1957).

Isn't this the place where many of us
spawned our love of pettis? <sigh>


  These are taken from a 50s television commercial from the March of Dimes.  
The poor little boy, who suffered from polio, could only have been cheered up by  the cute, fluffy little girls around him!



Pleasant 1952 Lastex ad




August, 1958:

We don't usually post them this young,
but this is special

Compliments Ian



COULD be Nancy Travis as a child, couldn't it?



Don't many of us wish we were she?
(at least at one time!)

The filename indicates it might be from a
1968 Vassarett
e advertisement

...the little puffed sleeves on the sheer nylon dress
(with bow in back!), the soft bodiced slip, and the
Mary Jane shoes!  Just plain heaven!

She's a cutie pie to boot!
Courtesy Elaine


Fifth Grade - 1958
Courtesy Ian

These were the times that tried boys' eyesight (or least those little boys who loved pettis and crinies, and were always straining for a peek!).

Full picture


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