Fashions of The Fifties and Later
Youth Section
See through bodice/skirt Era fad
...something that will stir the memories of some our more seasoned visitors

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See-through (translucent) dresses, popular for a while during The Era, allowed
 the onlooker to see most of the full-bodiced petticoat underneath.  This was of great
comfort to said onlookers, including us and a myriad of others...what a great fashion! 
The image on the left is definitively from 1958.  The right is 'first day of school,' 1960.



Here is an (unfortunately) small picture of a typical little girl dress from 1958.  Only
this one is interesting, in that the petticoat is apparent through the translucent material of
the dress, and, of course, shows en frou frou as well. Technical Producer Crinolyn has blown
 up the image as best as she could - click on picture.



A 1958 class picture...

"If we were the boy behind the girl near the right front, we'd be smiling too!

"Aw... but she looks so sad!"

Original, full image



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