Fashions of The Fifties
Youth Section - Special slip ads from The Era

All enlargeable

Special Youth newspaper ads collection from The Era

1964 cover - courtesy Linda L.

To compliment this submission,
Crinolyn has crafted a
pleasant surprise!


"Her Majesty" little girl slip ads from
The Era were always a bit special.

At left is one from 1961, sent by Jose



...then there were 'Wundies.'

Jose has sent us these

More here 

"Style Undies" was another interesting brand

...and then there was "Dennisons"

Brit ads

Unlike 'Wundies' and 'Her Majesty' shown above, 'Scampers' were unknown to us.

Apparently, they put forth some pleasant ads as well, judging by this sample provided by Jose.

Enlargeable for legibility



Here's a [rare] brand we were unaware of...although there is
the above, with a different spelling

Received & optimized, from Sylvia Marie




Lasse S. provides two Era girls' slip advertisements
(These, of a lesser-known brand)

Now and then, we are asked why more Era little girl slips were not waist slips (i.e., half-slips). 
Simple: Little girls of a certain age did not have wide enough hips, so the petticoat had to hang
from the shoulders so they wouldn't slip (no pun intended) down!

 Close Up of ad on right





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