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Petti Art


Evets Stephens is an on-line artist who wishes to promote his unique work here on The Pond.  His concept is Petticoat 'Persuasion,' as opposed to petticoat punishment.

Evets invites Poufbunnies to submit their fantasies (and comments) so that he may then interpret them in his own inimitable way.  The most interesting and thoughtful critique will win a 'contest,' the prize being having her fantasy translated into a visual interpretation!

So why not take advantage of this opportunity and help Evets (make his mark)? 
Just be advised that your idea will have to translate into something tasteful,
suitable for posting here on The Pond.

Send your fantasy, critiques and comments to:



What will happen to our Hero-ine ??

Will the aliens correct their mistake with the
FEM-O-MAKER transformer ??

If YOU where the aliens...What would You do to our Hero ??

The most imaginative response gets a free illustration depicting your View...

Contact Evets Stephens

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"I think men of color may have been ignored in their love of being Poufbunnies like many of us. This is an attempt to correct that oversight; I need to hear from them
if they wish to see themselves following one of their dreams."



Send your fantasy (for possible artistic interpretation),
critiques and comments to:



A tribute to Bettie Page, by Evet Stephens



Belated Irish dreams

...wearin' the green - Poufy style

from Evets Stephens



Email Evets to have YOUR fantasy 'actualized.'



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"Something to mark the 4th; I hope your subscribers get to salute the flag...and the men and women who defend it with their blood around the globe."


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Christmas 2009

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