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Here are some videos featuring bell-shaped skirts, both from the Australian designer, Anaessia.
She seems to favour this style of skirt in her designs; take a look at her YouTube channel.



A rarely publicized example of
 petticoat is used under a bell skirt

Sent by John N. 


This is actually a bell skirt, but what
an undercarriage it must take!
(...and that ugly exposed zipper!)

From Crinolyn




Lolitae, one with a nice bell skirt,
the other pretty close...

Parasol area

From Kristi



  Appears to be bell-skirted, but
it's hard to be sure, sitting

From Kristi




Almost crowded, almost
bell-shaped, ALL kinetic!

From Abby Rhodes



This is a beautiful bell skirt, but it
must be propped by a cage, of sorts

(Love the translucent bodice)

From Kristi




 Sweet Lolitae
 wearing a nice bellskirts



The Sweet Lolita in pink has the bell skirt down pat





Two Lolitae with skirts
that are barely bell-shaped

From Kristi



Bell skirted dress, by Dior, 1958

Crinolyn found this

Designer area


Bell skirt
on the runway

From Kristi



This skirt-shape was very popular in the 50s -
it actually looks bell-shaped

From Crinolyn



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