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Cage Crinolines, Hoops and Panniers
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'Captain Marno':

"Below is a picture of some young ladies wearing hooped pettis similar to some The Pond has posted before and the legend that was with the picture."
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5/24/99: Hoop skirted Lodi High student Kalena Schock shows her exhaustion by throwing her head back & sticking
her tongue out after practicing the flower girl routine in the hot sun for Lodi High graduation ceremony at the Grape Bowl.

This year, I once again shot the Lodi HS graduation, and the elegant tradition remains. It reminded me of 1999 when I shot a flower girl rehearsal
a few days before graduation. It was a stifling hot day, with the half-bowl shape of the Grape Bowl blocking whatever little wind there was that day.
To help fend off the midday heat, the girls were allowed to wear tank tops and t-shirts but still had to wear the hoops. Finally the heat got
to be too much  for one girl who threw her head back and stuck out her tongue in exhaustion. Not very graceful I suppose, but better to do it during
rehearsal than at the actual event.

A pleasant pastiche
in two parts

Provided by Kristi


(L) Pyramid cage

(R) Dome cage

These presented  by Crinolyn 


Mike F. sends this interesting sight:

Could be a hoopskirt or a hoop worn as a skirt.  We think
this is the type of hoop which produces the bell shape.


Reenactor panniers...

From Crinolyn   


An attractive pannier pastiche

Sent by Crinolyn


Interesting, at the very least...
We'd like to see her in that little
 white frock hanging by the window

        From Crinolyn     


(L)  "By the Lake", by Yukidoll Photography
(R)  "Cage", by Black Velvet Model



Duncan points to this delightful,
but, in a way, dark image:

by LaVengeance Sucre




"Caged" by Yuffiebunny


Crinolyn sends sends this unique image from

Zena Holloway Underwater Photographer.

Some beautiful talented  photography on this site!



Right:  Creator of this chain mail skirt is Bill McCall of Utopia Armory,
where it is/was for sale. Photograph by David Savoie Photography.



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