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Crease on Skirt Caused by Petticoat or Hoop

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(Above L) Full picture - this is a crop


'Creases on sundresses make us so happy...
Dresses with pettis...'

 From The Sound of Music
Sung to 'Raindrops on roses...
and whiskers on kittens...'

John N. sent this 


This retro example
displays  a very nice crease!

From John N.


This most likely is a Quinceañera gown, but, it stands
out to us as a candidate for this section

From John



No defined crease, but close! 
Nice shaping on the skirt in any case
Sent by
John N.


Model at a German event


A real treat!

Jill has provided this indispensable original
Era photo (with crease, don't ya know)


Here's a question regarding this Era picture:
Is that the outline of her petticoat underneath,
or are we seeing the outline of the stool she is sitting on?

The former is always so exciting!        From Crinolyn    


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