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Kristi: (2011 - may still be available)

On sale in eBay, multiple quantity.  $19 buy it now, free shipping.
From China, about a two-week wait. 

eBay:  180557795424

Size: length: 38inch/96cm waist: 26inch/66cm-38inch/95cm (adjustable)
Circumference of bottom hoop: 100inch/260cm (reducible)

 Color: White

Condition: New, without Tags

Description: white 3-Hoop 1-Layer Wedding Dress Petticoat Underskirt

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Mandy-jane Satin:

"Found these stunning pettis here - More on the page..."



Sissy Dahli

This Etsy store might be of interest to bustle and skirt fanciers.





Jean L. points to this
petti-laden page







From Hugh:

"Found on Etsy, vintage from NH shop" 





One of several cute, pleasant bouffant images on this Etsy page

Pointed out by BB Bloomer




Mandy-jane Satin:

"Some Era-inspired dresses, a little out of season, though! Found here -
she also has lots on offer."





Malcolm in the UK.:

"This is a current UK eBay offering;
there are some stunning petti pictures on the page."







Era skating pettis from Lindsey
(Front) (Back)

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