Pinup--PettiLady #7

PETTILADY --Seventh Set

Mixed collection

Well, get this: Tessy heard something moving outside last night and hopped out to investigate...and, lo and behold!  Look what she found! Can you imagine?!  Some awfully pretty birds out there at night!  Managed to get off a couple of photos for you lucky Poufbunnies.  Turns out, she got this yellow petti that she just COULDN'T wait to show off!  You know how Pettilady is!

  Pettilady has talked her daughter into wearing some pettis. New hope for a new generation. According to our gorgeous friend, she didn't even know what a petticoat WAS! eGad! Eekks! 



Above is a picture of Pettilady in 1984, long before her PettiPond days!

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