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StillClip revealing magnificent underlays



Ken R.:

"Looks like Disney's new live action version of Cinderella
[Lily James in the title role] is a feast for Pond lovers.
"4 miles of thread (for one petticoat alone) and 3 miles of hems?
  Wow!  From New York Daily News, March 2, 2015."


John N. and David S. have discovered this great article, which reveals some of the  intimate details of that marvelous Cinderella gown -
Some excerpts below




Kristi sends on this rather revealing moving gif of the ballroom dance scene

Much trouble was taken to get the petticoats right.



Ken R. sends this article concerning
Cinderella's beautifully-made 'alive' gown

We have dealt with this recently-released film extensively on our sister
Update Page with a focus on Lily James' small waist.



We all read the article (above) we posted on the fabulous gown - this picture, sent by Jean L., best yet shows its magic!


A combination of the wonderful of the André Rieu Orchestra, with Dmitri Shostakovich's magnificent 'Second Waltz'
superimposed, brings new delight to the film's dance scene, as well as unidentified ballet performance.


blogger has made a credible reproduction of the standard in Cinderella gowns - petticoat and all!


A rather nice view of Cinderella's petticoat
(which were intentionally  designed to be as 'authentic' as possible).
  Provided by John N.    


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