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Now these are dirndls! the true sense of the word

Apparently there exists in 2014 a corruption of the word in Germany, where anything that is bouffant
or full is called  a 'dirndl'.  Marketing, we presume. Historically, they were a specific 'folk' costume,
most of which reflected the town from which they originated. This kind of hints at that.



Our guess is that this is a faux folk frock
(Say THAT ten times in a row!)

Folk area







Sentrino Petticoats display from
The Petticoat Shop





Christmas fare






Rhino points to this useful site:

"Right clicking the pictures can bring up several more pictures."




Rhino ran across this small 'Natalia' set, worth posting:


'Tracy Delicious':


This set, of what we like to call "a fake retro poodle skirt", gives us the chance to set the record straight:

For you young whippersnappers <g>, remember, girls in the era of the poodle skirt (or any other skirt for that matter) NEVER wore their skirts so their pettis or crinies showed from  the bottom - that is a modern misnomer.  Petticoats were meant only to be seen occasionally, when the skirt movement 'allowed' them to be, as portrayed in the dance scene here.  Displaying the pettis otherwise
was considered crass and unheard of, certainly not practiced by "good girls."  Right,
Allison and Vera? 



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