These type gowns were in style for a couple of years in the Golden Era, mostly among starlets
such as Jayne Mansfield, and in 2004 experienced a resurgence among the prom crowd.

(Some enlargeable)

The cover girl from Le Corset de France, October/November 1950, Jacques Fath

Compliments Stephen K.

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Jayne Mansfield in HER inimitable style of mermaid gown!

(Right - No, she was not naked, but the gown was specially constructed to make her appear almost so...
certainly left little to the imagination!
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...at her wedding to Mickey Hargitay (Mr. Universe 1955)



Jayne Mansfield in a mermaid gown,
a style she favored







Or...could this be Mamie Van Doren? 
She favored mermaid gowns as well.



Eva Malloy, burlesque belle,
Europe's "Bundle of Joy"

My!  She IS a joy to look at!  What a figure! What a gown!




Filename on this impressive gown is "Emily Procter."




Singer Pat Lewis

(above) Cover of a 2009 wedding planner supplement in Newsday (NY)

We could not resist this image of Heidi Erich,
from 1960. 
 Mermaid gowns are very special.


(left) Demi Moore  (middle) Nicole Kidman (right) Dorothy Dandridge - all enlargeable

(above left) Melania Trump (right) Same gown on Mariah Carey?


(above two) Dior creations - 2008 collection

(below left) Vera Ellen (center) Cyd Charisse (right) Miss Spain

Diana Dors                                                Sabrina                                        Dita Von Teese                         Gina  Lollobrigida (enlarge)

      (above left) Dolores Del Ray           (center) Katherine Heigl            (right) Gina Lollobrigida

Helen Hunt

...wearing an extravagant mermaid gown

People Magazine (February, 2013)


More celebrities


(above left) Marilyn Monroe (right) Kelly Clarkson

(above left) Chris Cole 2008   (right) Milano fashion by Mariella Buriani - 2008

(above left) "Chili Pepper" (center) Burlesque stripper Sally the Shape  (right) Unique Era mermaid from Life Library

Mermaid petticoats, which, while some are meant for bridal gowns,
could certainly be used effectively on most mermaids!


Abby Rhodes sends this Era
petticoat, used under a 'fishtail' gown

(above the knee)

(above) Sugarbarre at age 14

Dior mermaids on one of our designer pages

More mermaids

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