These type gowns were in style for a couple of years in the Golden Era, mostly among starlets such as
Jayne Mansfield, and in 2004 experienced a resurgence among the prom crowd.

Some enlargeable


A most luscious Life display
of three Balenciaga creations (1951)

From Sugarbarre



More designers





Impressive mermaid bridal gown

From Robert N.


More special bridal gowns




A fine mermaid example
...created by designer Tony Bowls
from Sugarbarre

Can be enlarged

Perhaps this will win some of its critics
over to an appreciation of this style.





(below) Sonia says she does not get too excited about mermaids, but is very enthusiastic about this gown -
We share that feeling.

These can be enlarged to very high definition, per her request



Mermaid evening gown by Sherry Hill

Courtesy Sugarbarre

Can be enlarged





(above right) Thierry Mulger creation - all enlargeable

(Above three) Enlargeable

(left two above) Enlargeable

(above left) Vanessa Hudgens at the 2009 Oscars (center left)  Jean Kasem, wife of Casey Kasem, the D.J.   (right) Dorothy Dandridge - all enlargeable

(above left) Lena Horne  (right) British model Coco Rocha on her wedding day - all enlargeable



A mermaid Maidenform Bra advertisement


From Sugarbarre


Additional advertisements




Larissa, from Wilde Hunt Corsetry,
in one of her 2012 newsletters:

"Currently I am a little obsessed with this video I found on my friend Cathy Hay's blog, which shows a CT scan of the Tree gown by Charles James. ...I swear I could watch a loop of this for hours! It's really hypnotic."





Pinup model Ruby Luster
in a vintage
mermaid gown

Photography by Alonza







Mermaid art

From Bonnie





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