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Every-body's house-should have-a maid...

All enlargeable


A maid outfit to drool over!

Every-body's house should have a maid!
...with or without a pinafore...
from Curtis A.

Full view of one at left



Alice wonders who wouldn't want to be a maid dressed in THIS.

The layers are enchanting


Curtis A. sends this delicious CosPlay maid, and then, says it all:

"A simply gorgeous Oriental girl in a maid's costume, with nicely displayed pettis.  This young lady is so cute and sexy. It seems unfair (somehow) for a girl to be this pretty. A man could get lost forever in those big, dark eyes, but I wouldn't mind much!"

We all know what you mean, Curtis...




French maid vidclip



Appears to be From Gala,
presumably a 50s magazine



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