Petticoats in Combination with Corsets - page two

An inimitable duo!

All enlargeable

Model Lindsay Kaye



'Amazing Anyssa'
by Robert R. Sanders

Sent by Crinolyn

(below) Variations on a theme, from Crinolyn



"Here is an image from this site taken at the Tour Down Under,
 a pro bicycle race held in Australia in January."

(below) Crinolyn sends these  images of a special ensemble

(below) Kristi sends us some nice shiny black (and one black/red) dress images          Available here

One of our wonderful pinups on our
sister site has sent us a picture that will be of interest to us here - Meet Parallel Rose

...a very versatile entertainer, and on who knows how to put pettis and corsets together for best effect!

Her website



"How We Quit the Forest"
by Jeisaida

from David M.


Stephen K.:

"'Felina Fetishdoll' is a Dutch fetish model. She has a large Flickr gallery of pictures showing her in extraordinary costumes, many of them with petticoats and crinolines, here, and her own website is here."



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