Petticoats in Combination with Corsets - page three

An inimitable duo!

All enlargeable




A rather interesting
corset with petti (hoop) image



Despite the sloppy look on top,
the skirt is worth posting

from Kristi


...with a Spanish dancer-inspired petticoat

'Captain Marno' sent this


"The Pink Outfit"
by Ikiryo Maki


Posted by Crinolyn



by Ophelias Overdose

From Crinolyn


Another appetizing picture
...highlighted in Chinese Cosmopolitan, March 2015

From Abby Rhodes   



...and Julina offers great corsets, 
but they certainly don't skimp
on the petticoat front




by Kawaii X

From David M.



Aarkey has 'stumbled' upon this interesting
model - Andrea Dolores



For this offering:

 English           German



Lace Embrace Altier Corsetry has promoted the picture(R), which certainly has OUR attention.
(L) Another offering

You might also want to look at the new book written by owner Melanie Talkington,
A Provocative Look  at Intimate Apparel 


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