Twirling Morena
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Hi. My name is Morina and I have been wearing female clothing for as long as I can remember. Don’t ask me why because I have no answer, only that it feels right for me.
I was first introduced to petticoats back in in the early 1960s, just before they went out of fashion. I know, What a sad time that was. 


I am so pleased to join the other girls in the pinup section of Pettipond. Oh my! What a wonderful site! 


I had a step mother that I didn’t get on with, so I never wanted to wear her clothes, but her daughter, my step sister, was a couple of years older than me and, without her knowledge, we shared her wardrobe till I left home at sixteen and began to build my own collection of feminine attire. 


I am now 65 years old, live in London and spend most of my time as Morina. As you can see, I love to do the occasional twirl to send my skirt and petticoats flying high.  


My hobbies are 1950s fashions, especially petticoats of course, and writing short erotic stories, usually about feminisation. Feel free to write to me if you like. I always answer all my mails - [email protected] 


Love and hugs, Morina xxx 



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