Petticoat Punishment


Many of us may feel the same way as we, looking at this fetching picture:
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"Mommy has made Cissy wear girls' clothing since he was two, and the world knows nothing of the fact that he is genetically a male. Now it is time for 'her' First Communion.  But first, a little pose before the dress goes on."
This girl's face could very well be construed as that of a little boy's, no? A little boy whose mother never cut his hair short.
He is thinking about what other little boys do, how they play rough, and how he, though, is stuck in this pretty slip that he cannot get dirty.  But, it DOES feel good about his thighs!  And his panties are so soft!
Any time we see a face on a girl or woman that COULD be male, she begins to ruminate like this.  
A very good example is in the Swedish film My Life as a Dog.

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