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This professional photographer lives about 40 miles from London and would be very willing to take pictures of Poufbunnies. He can travel to YOU -- the only compensation he wants is the knowledge that he is helping Petticoat Pond stay in existence.
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Bookstore with quit a selection of fashion oriented books and the like.
Little Bo Peep's Nursery (UK)
Services for adult babies, diaper lovers, and sissies.

Mary Jane Shoes:

Information provided by 'Ruffles'

First, visit the Goody 2 Shoes website, especially the shopping tips section.  There is often a discussion in one of the sections on finding Mary Janes. The favorite MJ there seems to be from Muffy's, very good quality. Second, do a web search for commonly available styles and brands.  For starters, try 'Ballare', a band shoe. Third, visit Zappos, Nordstroms, or other large suppliers (including eBay) and search for 'Mary Janes,' a style currently very popular.  Wide feet can be made happy at Torrid. Fourth, search for ballet flats at shoe sites or on the web.  They are similar and are easily modified
Fifth, check dance suppliers for character and tap shoes.  Some of my favorites are the Capezio C3800, Bloch Tap On, Bloch Merry Jane, and various tap-ties.  Most now can only be ordered with taps, but that can be modified by a cobbler and sometimes a supplier.  Character shoes have no taps.  A good resource for links is the TapWeb

Sixth, visit square dance or swing dance suppliers such as Ginny's Promenade online.  You can find makes like Aris Allen and TicTacToe.
Seventh, visit some of the exotic shoe suppliers and weed through the extreme shoes.  My favorite is the adult schoolgirl shoe
(has 2" heel, but is quite classic in shape).  Search for 'school girl-50.'

***Most of the mentioned sources supply shoes up to US women's 12. Some larger.  This is only a start.  This style shoe is everywhere.
 If you can cross the barrier, there are more in Japan, Mexico, Germany, and Portugal.***

Addendum: I forgot all about mentioning soles on dance shoes.  Here is my comment: Some are thin and soft, some are doubles, some can come with outside
soles, and some should be worn indoors only.  It is important to check.  Swing shoes have very sturdy soles (obviously) and are often skid resistant. Tap shoes
can sometimes come without taps, with removable taps, with semi-permanent taps, and new models almost always with a rubber strip behind the front tap that
could be removed by a cobbler (keeping the taps on  can be fun to, but a bit slippery).  Ask friends online about sizing and experience."

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