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Margot Fonteyn
Les Sylpides

Jennifer Karius


Darcy Bussell of the Royal Ballet Another

Tamara Rojo in Don Quixote
(Photo by Bill Cooper)

Alina Cojocaru

Jamie Robtison dancing Paquita

"Tutu Boy"

Sylvia Marie


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Cecillie Lassen
dancing The Nutcracker

Tiler Peck


Robert N.

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Holly Hill as the Dew Drop Fairy from a 1999 production of Nutcracker Suite


Sent by Nancy N.





Nancy N. provides these images of ballerina
Elina Miettinen

(left)  Performing Swan Lake

(right) catalog cover





(above left) Ashley Garner as the Dew Drop Fairy from a production of Nutcracker Suite

(above center) Paris Opera Company ballerina Laure Muret
(above right) Ady Ochoa

Ballerina Louise Brown

From Abby Rhodes






A lovely kinetic shot of Ukrainian ballerina
Oksana Skorik
Principal Dancer of the Mariinsky Ballet

Submitted by Abby Rhodes



(above left) Julie Kent - Nutcracker Suite             (center) Patricia Barker                   (right) Sophia Parcen - Paquita

(above left) Gillian Murphy, in Sir Frederick Ashton's Sylvia   (right two) Vera Zorina (1917-2003)  
(second from left) Ludmila Pagliero (middle)
Royal Ballet's principal dancer Sarah Lamb as Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.

(above left) Alina Somova of Kirov Mariinsky  
(center) Misty Copeland [Click for text and enlargement] (right) Marianne Winelstern [1929]

(above left) Sofiane Sylve    (right) classical ballerina Ida Rubenstein (1885-1960)

(above left) Sadaise Arencibia, from Ballet de Cuba (right) Rut Miró

(above left)
Tiit Heliments (center) Marie-Solène Boulet (right)  Garet Erwin in Firebird

 left - Elline Damian   right - Nadia Nerina in La Boutique Fantastique

(above five) Margot Fonteyn - all enlargeable - second:
Marguerite & Armand, 1963 fourth: Swan Lake - fifth: 1953


Ivy Clear

Joffrey Ballet's "Viva Vivaldi!"

Photo by Jack Mitchell

Courtesy Ken R.





1952 picture of
Maria Tallchief

America's first Prima Ballerina and a Native American

 From Abby Rhodes



(above two left) Irina Kolpakova ...with the Leningrad Kirov in New York (1961) Sleeping Beauty
(right) Beth Dean in The Waltz King ballet (1944)

(above left)
Venezuelan principal ballerina Mary Catoya, as Carmen (center left) Pietro (center right) Violetta Elvin - Sleeping Beauty [1955] (right) Renee Jeanmarie - Picco
All enlargeable

(above left) Altynai Asylmuratova (center left) Miyako Yoshida (center right) Petrouchka (right) Danielle Schmidt - all enlargeable

(above three) Anna Antonicheva - can be enlarged

(above left)
Heather Ogden, performing in Swan Lake with The National Ballet of Canada
Sonia Rodriguez, performing in Don Quixote, from The National Ballet of Canada (both enlargeable)

(above left) Miranda Weese ("Divertimento Number 15") Life photographer: Ted Thai (1995)   (right) Selene Guerrero Trujillo of the Canadian Ballet

(above left) Lubov Egorova Mariisnky  (center) Jordon Mullin  (right) Elaine Anderson [click picture for newspaper article caption]

(above left) Linette Willis  of the Australian Ballet (right two) Bridgette Zehr

(above left) Yuan Yuan Tan - San Francisco Ballet  (center) Nicole Moshinsky
Kathleen Gorham (with Martin Rubenstein) in the 1946 ballet production of Gay Rosalinda by the Williamson/Borovansky Ballet Company  Photographer: Hal  Williams   [all enlargeable]

(above left) Margaret Zolnay [1925]   (right) Russian Kirov Ballet Dancer Kaleria Fedicheva - both enlargeable

Yvonne Craig
Dorothy Stevenson in L'amour ridicule, Borovansky Ballet, c1940
Irina Baronova in costume for Swan Lake, 1939
Alexandra Danilova
Phyllis Kennedy in costume for an unidentified production of the
           Borovansky Ballet
  Galina Mezentseva, who was with the Maryinsky Theatre
  Anna Pavlova (3 images)
Altynai Asylmur




Theodora de Gillert,
classic French ballerina

Provided by Ally Blyth






Renown ballerina

Gelsey Kirkland

Don Quixote, 1970

From Jean L.





Youth America Grand Prix Winner 2005

First Place Senior Classical Dance:

Erin Jennifer Young






 Killian Stephens, Ballet Arizona - NFAA Silver Medal Winner


Can be enlarged





Olga Alexandrovna Spessivtseva


Russian ballerina whose stage career

from 1913 to 1939.







Famed ballerina
 Anna Pavlova

All enlargeable


(Left) Her Swan Lake costume






Moira Shearer

Lady Kennedy (1926–2006) was an internationally
famous Scottish ballet dancer and actress.

from Abby Rhodes         Enlargeable

Miss Shearer as an actress




Era ballerina Ruthanna Boris



Sent by Robert N.



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