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NOTE: There are basically two kinds of tutus: The classic tutu is generally short and stiff, sticking out fairly straight, while the romantic tutu is generally longer and drapes, although it usually stands out slightly at the hips before falling. There is no sharp distinction, and neither length nor stiffness is definitive, although most cases are easy to classify. (Some ballet costumes aren't tutus and don't fit into this classification.) The two numbers in brackets are rough counts of the good pictures of classic and romantic tutus within. When a full-skirted costume doesn't fit one or the other group, I have made a judgment call. A few of these listings were made before I made this distinction, and have only one number. In this case the number is a total, but one giving classic tutus somewhat short shrift. In these cases, the actual total count is likely to be a bit larger, and the count for each type of tutu is probably about half. My criterion for counting a photo is that it be reasonably clear and of adequate size for scanning, as well as being a good picture of tutus or other full-skirted dresses.

When a book is called "not rare", it means that I have seen it at least three times while haunting used-book stores. Also, almost all are out of print, but several are currently available as used books through www.Barnesandnoble.com  at reasonable prices. When there are a number of paintings or drawings, I mention this; often the reproductions are in black and white.  Priscilla

This is a small-format book, but most of the photos counted above occupy a full page, with rather good quality, and include portraits of several prominent ballerinas of the early 20th century.

A book of 130 pages each with at least one photograph, many of which are of tutus, both classical and romantic, along with all the usual back stage photos. Quite a few of the Principal Dancers are profiled, along with a section on the Australian Ballet School.

The photos are not as sharp as in many books, but are generally adequate for scanning as well as for viewing. This book accompanied a BBC television series.

This is a history of ballet, with some very nice photos.

The book covers every thing from 10 year olds auditioning for a place in the school to graduation at age 18. There are lots of full color photographs of the students from their first ballet class, to study class, to sports, to rehearsal, to performance.  Sample pictures

Here one gets Barishnikov's own point of view about many of the ballets he has performed in, as well as photos of his partners.

Although this large-format hardback covers all sorts of dance, a majority of it concerns the ballet. Most of the pictures are of medium to small size. There are also a number of paintings.

This is a large-format book, with a number of largish and a few full-page photos. Many of the photos are a bit fuzzy, but almost all are in color. There are also a few paintings.

This is an excellent book by a great ballerina.

Even though this book is the oldest in this list, it is (I think) the only one still in print, and it is not rare in used-book stores. It covers all kinds of dance, not just ballet. In particular, there are several full-skirted Latin costumes.

This is a fabulous book with very large pages and therefore many large pictures. I have only seen this book in my public library, but there are several copies currently for sale through www.Barnesandnoble.com.

This is an excellent book, with many photos of Fonteyn alone, as well as with Nureyev.

This is a delightful little picture story book for little girls of about 7 or 8 years of age.  The print is quite large, the photographs are really delightful -  the story is perfect for little girls or little sissyboys that want to be a ballerinas. 

Of course, Nureyev never wore a tutu (as far as we know), but his partners did, so we get a fair number of tutu pictures.

This large-format paperback is about famous ballet partnerships, such as Fonteyn and Nureyev. The only color photo is on the cover. I got this book heavily discounted at a Barnes and Noble remainder table, so there's a chance you could still find it new.

This is a biography/celebration of the greatest ballerina of the early 20th century, written by perhaps the greatest of the rest of the century.

Most of the pictures in this large-format book occupy at least half the page (with wide margins). I think that the original of this version was in Czech.

Don't overlook the pictures inside the front and back covers. This book is not rare.

The pictures are somewhat small, but they are generally fairly sharp.

In the style of a text book on the "Art of The Dance".  Although it has lots of beautiful full color and black & white photographs, very few are of dancers in Tutu's either classical or romantic. For anyone interested in ballet that was not looking for a book full of photo's of tutu's I would recommend this book.


[Special thanks to Priscilla for this project]



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