Tutus in History

Tutus in History

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(above) Anna Pavlova left 1914, with the Imperial Ballet of Russia; right 1931


(above left) Yvette Chauvire, performing a 1939 rendition of Ballerina with "Paris 1900" (right) "The Great Ritchard"

(above left) Backstage at the Paris Conservatory, 1948  (right)  Paris, 1963

(above) School for young dancing girls at the Paris Opera, 1931

(above) 1888 or 1889

(above left) 1930s ballerina  (right) 1905 - Celebrated ballerina Margonnaire


This might be genuine classic, or retro -
we are uncertain 

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(above) 1890s ballerina Lucie Gerard Reutlinger

(below) An historical gallery of the tutu, with some pictures (below) found at random on this website


Carlotta Zambelli (1894)


Adeline Genees Wanilda



(above) Unidentified ballerina of the classic mode -- before tutus became short

(above) Ballerinas at the training school of the Grand Opera de Paris during a rehearsal for Swan Lake in 1930.

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