Ballerinas in Tutus - Vidclips

Cute intro video to the ballet site of Principal Shoes. (View it all the way through...)

Delightful tutu peeking

Elaine offers this 'White Rabbit solo' personal video from the Alice in Wonderland ballet

Video, accompanied by many other ballet videos on the page

Prima ballerina Anna Pavlova

Ballerina modeling a platter [hooped wire] tutu

This certainly isn't classic ballet, but it is beautiful Circus! This woman is truly incredible. Tchaikovsky likely didn't have this
choreographyin mind when he wrote Swan Lake. How could anyone imagine the performance you are about to see? 
Watch this superb performance.                                  Longer version (with the "frog" preamble)

Video "collage"

Ian M. points to this delightfully-costumed ballet production of Coppelia ("Swanilda's Waltz")

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