Bridal Frou-frou

Peeking out from under the gowns or sans gowns, these are a delight!

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From the UK bridal house, Pronuptia, featured in their 1994/95 catalog.
Next time you're in the Pond, you might run across THIS Waterpoufbunny! Brides like to wade, too!       (From Modern Bride 12/97-1/98)
Exactly, what's UNDER there? Curious minds want to know, little girl!
She is aware what she does to us.....just sitting there? -From Brides Magazine, November, 1997    
This rear view has a special, romantic charm! Crinolyn thought so--she scanned it!
The Flamenco look!|                                                                                                                         
The bride adjusting her thigh-hi's!
  From the 1998 Pastore collection                        || ||||||||||||||||||||||||||       |||||||||||||||||           
German bridal cover
Hoop in action
We should ALL have this much fun!
Bridesmaid with shoeless grace
Bridesmaid jumping on the bed!
Bride at the pool adjusting her stockings!
Satin bride!
Sitting pretty!
Showing the garter.

(Above) Courtesy Otta of Holland

All above enlargeable


Bridal dressing from Ian


...and don't forget to bring your local petti-enthusiast along, too!

Don't you love it when they crunch into
their gowns like this?





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