Petti Pictures


A nice example of a 50s bouffant dress
from an advertisement in
May, 1958.






Jörg writes:

"(Here is a collage and picture) from the German youth magazine
(number 22), first October issue, 1992.

The article "Abschlussball" ("the ball after examinations"), gave suggestions and recommendations for party dresses."





Jörg sends this picture of the petticoat girl Annette.
Her hobbies are fashion and lifestyle of the fifties.

The picture was published in the German youth magazine
Girl! in 1992 (exact date unknown).





Organza found these pictures in the Style Magazine, which is provided with the Sunday Times in the UK on Sunday 25th May 2003.

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This magazine article quotes a website -
You may want to check it out some nice petti pictures for viewing or even buying.



"Notlaw" sends this interesting picture 
from Tempo Magazine of 
4 January 1954


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Allan sent this Mastroianni Absolut ad





Denise writes:

Today at work I was looking thru some Reminisce magazines [ED: nice work if you can get it!] and in the Dec 2003 issue found this sweet photo.   Giggle, only the name matches mine - I'm not the lucky girl in the picture.   It was part of a two page article about Christmas in the 1950s and in one paragraph said 'We all dressed in our new clothes. I remember one dress with a red velvet top and a white organza skirt with a velvet pattern on it that I wore over a huge petticoat.' 
Photo is of a Denise Cassino, Conifer, Colorado."




'Lingerie Lover' writes:

"Amazing ad that ran in the April 2007 issue of San Francisco magazine. In case you get your hands on a copy, it's on page 45!"




Mid 1950s?








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