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There is something absolutely compelling
in the femininity of this young lady - so unprepossessing.


We offer this delightful picture of a girl named
Vivian Hsu.






Once in a while, we come across
a woman with pettis, showing her beautiful breasts.  In  this case, the femininity is overwhelming; the lady's name is Roberta Lane (1962?)






(below) A little risqué card sort

(below) A nice little series, from Chris







A bit risqué, but a great example of the type of petticoat prevalent in The Era - pettis which displayed the workmanship and attention to detail sadly lacking today





(below) They look like they are having so much FUN (in the French tradition)
'Jolis tutus dans la neige' ('Pretty tutus in the snow').  Merci, Sounita!
<egad!>      Another pose (Note the wired tutu)
However, these are apparently taken in Russia...

Playboy Magazine's April, 1957 Pinup,

Gloria Windsor





Playboy Magazine's September, 1958 Pinup, Teri Hope





(above left)



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