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(above right) Harper's Bazaar - early 50s


(Below) David S. presents a "purple" (violet?) set:


 Above from Nordsee Videos


Rhino: "A body of water often does improve the scenery. As does a pretty girl in a pretty dress showing a little of her petticoat.
Actually the latter always improves the scenery, or should that be 'is the scenery'.": 




Bride against the water

From Kristi    


Bridal froufrou



Emma Watson

From Kristi 

  More Emma   
More celebrities 



Provocative beach babe (?)
Desert doll, maybe?

From Kristi



Is the beach a good
place to spot pettis?
...or just girls with balloons?
Worth checking out...

Sent by
Abby Rhodes       





A spiffy figure on the beach,
near the boardwalk

From Jean L.

More amusement park pettis and the such



A couple of Kate Spade advertisements

Sent by Abby Rhodes    





While this perky gal appears to be 'unzipped', it is
more likely that the frock is designed to look unzipped.

 In any case, it is certainly an attractive bouffant party dress!


From Kristi                         More 'perky' 



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