Petticoat Pond Images:

Cage Crinolines, Hoops and Panniers

All enlargeable


Interesting, at the very least

We'd like to see her in that little white frock hanging by the window

        From Crinolyn     





Imaginative creation


From Crinolyn         More runway



(Below)  "By the Lake", by Yukidoll Photography
(Right)  "Cage", by Black Velvet Model



Duncan points to this delightful,
but, in a way, dark image:

by LaVengeance Sucree






"Caged" by Yuffiebunny

Corsets and pettis


Crinolyn sends sends this unique image from Zena Holloway Underwater Photographer.


Some beautiful talented  photography on this site!






Right:  Creator of this chain mail skirt is Bill McCall of Utopia Armory, where it is for sale. Photograph by David Savoie of David Savoie Photography.




"Felicity 6"
 by Brian Shannow

From Crinolyn

More pettis/hoops & corsets



Crinolyn has sent this quite unusual design,
not exactly a
cage crino
line, but certainly
in that category.



Similar to above



Perhaps (exciting) bridal boudoir?

From Crinolyn

Other bridal froufrou



Here's a beautiful image from Kristi


More pettis and corsets 



Abby Rhodes has sent this VERY
yummy dress, showing hoops transparently attached!

Remarkably fetching! 



Something different from
Alexander McQueen

Sent by Crinolyn

More designers




A kinder cage...

by Valentino

From Crinolyn 

More designers



Intimate cage crinolines


More pettis and corsets






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