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Cage Crinolines, Hoops and Panniers
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Cage 'skirt'
 by Ginoza costuming

From Crinolyn    




A rather cute
(and perhaps exciting!)






This yummy hoop was featured
in the September 2014
Penthouse magazine

Sent by Jürgen



Well, this certainly brings new definition to the word 'cage crinoline.'

Sent by Crinolyn




"Transparent Bride"
by 'Fb101'

From David M.      

More such
Special brides





Retro costume

"Felicity 6"
by Brian Shannow

Sent by Crinolyn




Crinolyn provides this interesting
Snow White interpretation 



An image with the file name of
'Pandora Kelleth'
Does anyone know of her?

From Kristi

More corsets with our preferred garment



From  Gaelyn and Cianfarnai,
NYC fashion designers

This belongs in our cage crinoline section,
as well as fetish and designers



Possibly retro, but more likely a display of a genuine cage crinoline
from the Era-before-The-Era, although the short petti underneath
is certainly unauthentic.  Nice touch, though.

Added by Crinolyn





Here's a unique display!

Sent by Kristi


(Although this is not necessarily a
cage - could be a fashion statement)



From an article in a date-unspecified Playboy issue

...'An Overview of Ladies Underwear'





A delightful short cage,
which also could go into our
pettis & corsets section

Provided by Crinolyn




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