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1956 Chevy matching dresses portrait

Sent by Larry

Can be enlarged

(above) Elvgren art


The same pretty dress scenario --
Two perspectives






(above) enlargeable


A goodie-memory from Ian

Richard P.: "The car is a mildly customized 49 - 52 Mercury.  The license plate is a 1958 Arizona, the 'Y'  prefix indicates it was issued in late 1957 or early 1958 in Maricopa County
( Phoenix ) or other surrounding cities."






The sleek lines of a '58 Ford Sunliner,
coupled with a bouffant petti-ed prom gown!

A better combination is difficult to find!

Courtesy Larry G.





Well, tulle under an Era skirt is disappointing, but Tessy suspects there is also a REAL petticoat under there, the tulle being attached to the skirt of the dress for more stand-out appeal.

A desolate landscape to be sure, but her frock surely makes it worth viewing

Courtesy David M.

Richard points out that this is a very rare 1955 Mercury Meteor (Canadian built Ford); the plate is a 1957 Ontario.



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1958 DeSoto and Era gal
Everything was sexual in these ads, if you looked for it


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(above left) From an old TV Guide - Compliments of Becca 


Nigella Lawson in a

2008 Fiat 500 advertisement

Alternate, without car,
from Chiffon


(above) Reinbeck Classic - year unknown


Abby Rhodes  provides this wonderful image from (American) Elle Magazine, September 2006 issue





Typical Era class
Not much seen these days...

from Dave M.


Christine-Jane adds:

"This brings back happy memories. The model is the incredibly elegant Barbara Goalen, who was one of our top models about the mid-fifties.
At that time she weighed 105lb and measured 33-18-31.  Then, before I 'came out', I used to positively drool over photos of this gorgeous lady modelling the incredibly beautiful creations of that time. She died in 2002, aged 81."



Allison writes:

"I found this old picture and scanned it. Her name is Anne Marie ...  I love this picture. It's not too clear but it is very old.  I really miss those pretty dresses we wore back then. It's 1957."

1957:  And that would be a spanking new car behind her -The Golden Age of the Petticoat <sigh> - just picture her with her pettis floating in front to her whilst she sat in that car. <sigh x2>  We really misses those days.  She wonders if Allison is only one of the few that do as well... <sigh x3> Better days...

Shelley comments: "Don't you just love the way that Anne Marie is standing? She just oozes poise and confidence AND femininity! Why can't women today realize that they can be both confident AND feminine?" Don't see much of THAT any more!


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