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"Some pretty pictures, found at random on this link, but there are many others ! ;-)"







A Swiss page of interest



This little frock picture is interesting in that it appears the petticoat is straight,
reminiscent of Lawrence Welk's requirement that all bouffant skirts on his show
 be worn with a straight slip underneath the pettis for modesty sake.



Puff with train



One of several poufy images on
another Etsy page


"Of course, none of us would imagine himself as a dog(gie),
but, yet, try to imagine cuddling up in those arms!!"

From this page, where you can find more!



"When I was a young boy (may be five or six), I had the opportunity to go to the "Cinerama" in Paris,
 with my parents and brothers., in the years 1955-56.

"It was a real treat at the time, because of the unusual huge size of the screen !
 I remember the audience screaming
sometimes, looking at some scenes!

"Among different movies, there was one shot in Cypress Gardens, Florida. (I guess  it was, since there were
few parks in the fifties in the US.  I remember very well a group of Southern Belles, dressed in various colored
hooped crinolines - they were really beautiful and
charming !

"I guess since that time, I always had a special fondness for this kind of outfit !
This one was found
here. Isn't she great!" 


A sample of what you can expect if you visit
this page


Puffball dress (L)

Sack dress (R)
(Era so-named)


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