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For those Poufies that have interest, Bill writes:

"I have been a fan of your site, albeit quietly, for years.  Even though I do not wear dresses I am a real fan.  Recently, there was a discussion of wet petticoats and dresses images on The Pond. Although not all petticoat enthusiasts would like to see stressed petticoats and dresses, there are some pictures and video of square dancers dancing in and out of a pool and jumping into the same pool.  The pictures and videos are called, appropriately enough, 'Square Dancers'.

There are COPIOUS shots of huge petticoats and dresses in all states of wet and disarray. Samples can be found at, and they are free. The video site, is pricey, but the membership is for a year. For those petticoat enthusiasts who like to see a wet or stressed petticoat occasionally, these are just great! One site also has a woman in a very full set of petticoats called 'Poodle Skirt' swimming in a pool.  Oh, by the way, the girls are pretty, too."

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