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"On this site (bottom) I found the attached images of 
Rokoko girl 'Marie Antoinette' wearing an outfit of that 
era with modern petticoat and shoes - I think it is a 
fantastic sight how that woman wears this sexy petticoat.
 All items are available on this  site."





"I bought this super full chiffon fluff petticoat from Petticoat Queen;  it was a custom order for 300 yards fullness, 17" long,  
$585.00 plus shipping. This seller possesses friendly communication skills and excellent service.

On this URL or here, folks can find her email address for orders and questions.  
I think this is interesting and helpful for all Poufies who wish to fulfill their petticoat dreams."



Out of all nationalities, Germans seems to love and enjoy petticoats the most, relishing in the 50s World

Jörg writes: 

"This petticoat girl is from 'SETRINO - Ihr Petticoatshop und Modesalon Berlin.' She (and others) you can find on this site conducting an exciting fashion show:





From Bernard & Jörg

Saga Sigurdardottir






The image at right from this blog
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