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...not sure what this gal is trying to do with the netting on her head...but the rest of the outfit is nice...




The talented B. Nittoli's Flickr source


(above left) The talented B. Nittoli's Flickr source  (center) Flickr site  (right) Flickr site

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From this page on the
TJ Formal web site





Landa Designs


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Misha points to this Austrian site -
a lot of tulle, but worth the visit









Misha writes:

"I've attached a petticoat image from
Brad Templeton's photo web site:

This image was found in the Burning Man 2004 year;
Burning Man appears to be quite a scene. There are
other interesting images, not only from Burning Man,
but scenes from his travels."








Misha provides these pictures of
unidentified actresses

Can anyone help?







Misha points to the homepage/blog of one classy gal!
Listen to the music, view the pictures and read the sentiments...
of femininity as we perceive it to be)

Glam and glittery thoughts







A couple of nice images from the Etsy site






...may be a CDer,
but the pettis are beautiful!

Courtesy Misha



Flickr source



Nice Flickr image


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(below) ...from (Click to enlarge)

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A most joyous Flickr image!












Misha points to this Flickr page:

"Erin in the flower garden in a 50's tangerine petticoat"



"There are some nice models with petticoated dresses on this site."






by 'The Sinister L0ve'






Fully cotton petticoats are special - they lay differently, feel differently and affect the skirt they support differently - and they can be starched for varying effect.

Misha has pointed us in the direction of what appears to be a very classy site, offering such.  We will certainly be a customer!

House of Olivier






Ballerina as fashion
(What a Christmas present!)

From Misha



Swan Lake Ballerina Tutu Site



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