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(2005) "Now that summer is over I thought Poufbunnies on The Pond might enjoy a rather unusual vacation that might appeal to some of the other shy or more adventurous.  As some of the long time followers of this site know, Petticoat Pond  was started as an outgrowth of a whimsical petticoated swim in a local pond. I don't know about Tessy, but I enjoyed it so much that when an opportunity to spend an entire week petticoat camping  on a secluded island in the middle of a crystal clear lake wearing all the skirts and petticoats I wanted, I could not resist. As everyone knows, the best way to find privacy is to get off of the beaten path, and this always involves some walking. My solution is called 'portaging', in which one carries a canoe and all your gear from one lake to another. A walk of about one mile is enough to discourage most people, so if the campsites on the second lake are spaced far enough apart you can literally escape into an uninhabited environment in about three hours. I especially like Canada for this because of the numerous lakes, short, well maintained portages, and well spaced isolated campsites. I like canoe camping over hiking because you carry your canoe for only a short time while the rest of the time the canoe carries you and you can take along much more stuff (fluff). I had 8 petticoats along on this trip, and because of the view down the lake, there is little chance of being surprised at an awkward moment. I was also able to accomplish a fantasy of jumping about 10 feet from the dam breast into the cool water of the lake in three petticoats -- a real thrill as your petticoats billow up around you when you plunge into the water. Here are a few pictures, so you can get the idea of the kind of fun I had. Since they are self portraits I had only a few seconds to set the camera and get into the picture, but I think they convey a sense of the kind of week I had. I hope you all will enjoy them!" 

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