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Is above left a Playmate?


(above left) More of this Flickr series here.

(above left) Colorful girlie, or girly boy?



   At home, anticipating getting
dressed for the evening...
deciding what dress to wear,
now that she has that
yellow rose.
Copyright - used with permission


A view to kill (for)
"This is taken from a short video I have. This gal is from Australia or maybe New Zealand
 and she was quite proud of her 'pretty petticoat.' She'd say it over and over again with a
 sharpness that she knew guys liked the sound of... :-)

Copyright - used with permission



A site which, while it contains lots of what we have interest
in, also contains ample full frontal nudity.  You decide...

Unidentified celebrity


Sure look like a celebrities...
Anyone know who they might be?

([R] Leslie Caron, perhaps?)


Flickr find

Model: Violet Ecstasy

Photographer: Adrian Cutter 


Another Flickr find

Model: Violet Ecstasy

Photographer: DigitalG37


(below) Three DVDs, available from Slipmodel .com, which look to be of interest:


(above) ...a site which might be worth the visit


This dress is actually available
 here and, in larger sizes!


Found this site,
which may be worth a visit.




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