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Pinup Post features modern images imitating classic
pin-ups - an increasingly common fashion these days"

At right is an example, showing Duh Manda


Stephen K. sends us this advertisement, featuring a 'dancing' gown (try to dance in that!)
reminiscent of the one worn by Shirley MacLaine in the 1964 film What a Way to Go!

"...This is the very high fashion version of the same thing as in the movie, found in October 1949 Vogue
I still think it an unfortunate design, but if you like Shirley MacLaine, you might like this. In the description, "lady-step" seems to be a euphemism for 'hobble.' How the lady is supposed to dance in it - and it is described as a 'dance dress' - I can't imagine."


"Rachel Jenson has a new full-skirted dress. She took the opportunity to pose,
 wartime pinup style, showing off her layers of flouncy petticoats."

More pictures here



Rachel Jensen, from Stephen K.:

"She looks like a live version of a 1940s pin-up drawing by Gil Elvgren. And there are a lot more in the same photoshoot. She is obviously proud of the feminine form of petticoats under her full-skirted dress and wants to share them with her fans."



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