Petti Pictures


All enlargeable, most optimized or produced by the talented Sylvia Marie




A very nice rendering!

Sylvia Marie takes a
real photo and 'stylizes' it.
VERY nice!


Some pictures of REAL pneumatic hoops from the 50s, tendered by Crinolyn, can be found here.

(Look at the 5th and 6th entry)




"Here is a sketch from which one of my digital final artwork evolved. It is a bit rough, and it shows the first step in my usual working method (You've seen the finals and will remember them.)

"It came from an advertisement in a women's magazine, believe it or not. I made very few changes when I sketched it. The girl was laughing at her mother for a reason now lost to memory. I was taken by the casual and almost comical show of petticoats."


A couple of 'naked' pettis that are exceptions to our rule of
avoiding them, generally, unless they ARE exceptional.

(Doesn't the one at right resemble
Nicole Kidman?)
Optimized b
y Sylvia Marie


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