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              Disney performers




Sent by David from Scotland




(above left) Era burlesque


Obviously, some kind of performer
(Almost looks like a skater without her skates!)

from Crinolyn:





Back stage at the Florida State Fair

From Ian M.






Nancy N. points us to this entry at the Vile TV website

Cabaret/Ballet Dancer from
Strictly Gershwin Show
Choreography by English National Ballet.



Burlesqueland performer


Sent by Nancy N.



Theatre Bizarre's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland






 (Below) The Fantillusion parade at Disneyland Paris: The show was originally built for Tokyo Disneyland so (as with everything at Tokyo Disneyland) it's over the top.   

Now here's something different!
Bolivian wrestlers...

From Ian M. 

Video of a similar scenario




South American
wrestling contestant

(Country unidentified)

From 'Captain Marno'


And there is Rhino, who sends this Bolivian wrestling video -'fighting' in pettis!

'Captain Marno' has added these to the above. While we have reservations concerning this attire in such an unladylike sport,
we still appreciate the display.  But it is definitely weird.



Nancy N. points out this site for children's parties,
with some very nice examples of their performers


Right up our alley!

Left: Snow Faerie
Right: Meadow Sugarplum Faerie



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